Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I don't like DC

Yeah, it's a pretty city. And it's one of the world's great capitols. And you got lots of big wide boulevards and open spaces and people from every corner of the world...but just try walking along those open spaces and boulevards in 95 degree heat -- there ain't no shade. And on half those nice big boulevards, there's no place to stop and sit and get something to drink; you have to hop off onto a smaller street. It's beautifully planned but completely soulless and not at all interested in the needs of human beings. I couldn't live there.

I spent the day at the American Library Association's Exhibition and saw thousands of librarians milling about getting free books and information on how to make their libraries more 21st century and finding authors to sign those books while a man in a Cat In The Hat suit looked on, or in a booth made up to look like something out of "The Hobbit" or "Harry Potter" or something like that -- it's true, I took a picture to prove it. I made off with a little swag, myself -- mostly pens but a tote bag and note clip and a signed copy of a cook book for my mother from a girl who's from Shiner, Texas and we BOTH agreed Shiner Bock beer is the best there is. My feet hate me. I had a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich that had no right to call itself that (and did not sit well in my tummy). I got damn near dehydrated because all they sell in that joint is spring water and I wanted Perrier or San Pellegrino, some kind of sparkling water.

I went there to see if my company ought to have a booth at next year's convention...and I can't see it being worthwhile. There is so damn much going on -- they filled the entire exhibition hall from end to end, probably the equivalent of two football fields in size -- unless we put it right in the middle of it all (for a LOT more money) we wouldn't even get noticed. I can't tell you how many booths I saw that looked lost in the middle of the flash and dash. BUT the flights down and back were easy, riding the train from Baltimore's airport was fun and I had an open seat beside me all the way so got some editing and plotting done on POS. Meaning, I don't feel it was a complete waste of time...but I am exhausted.

Positive thing is, Brendan's over his sulk, and I'm sorry for being such a flake. Looking back over my posts, I seem to bounce around non-stop, from this to that to the other. But thinking about it, I've always been a bit like that. Maybe it's getting worse in my old age or during my slide in Alzheimer's...or severe dyslexia...and I don't notice it as much. Hell, even my handwriting's gotten worse. Looks like this piece of junk's out of warranty and falling apart.

Hope I last long enough to finish the book.

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