Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breaking my own rules

I know I shouldn't be focused on word or page count, but I'm now over 500 pages and at 114,171 words on POS. And I'm getting the feeling it will wind up being about 200,000 words long, even once I'm done editing it and removing all the repetition. It's odd how I get a notion of how long a script or story will be, and then it winds up that long and nothing I do to it from that point changes it. It's like everything's written across my psyche and all I'm doing now is finding the correct way to arrange the words since they come to me in quick sequence, sometimes.

I've been focused on Brendan's return to Derry, but only because of this one section that I had to back into. I'm close to done with it and now just need two links for it to be complete. One won't be all that hard; the other will be a bastard...but it'll be the worst part of the story for Brendan, and now maybe the rest can come out more easily.

I'm making a trip to San Antonio at the end of August. One VERY positive aspect of flying around all the time is, I built up enough miles to qualify for a free flight. So I'm using it. The thing is, I had to leave on a Wednesday and return on a Tuesday -- rather bizarre...but if it makes for an easier flight, so be it.

Oh...maybe I shouldn't have said that, not after Chicago. Because I'm changing planes in Baltimore. Uh -- oh, hell with it -- too late.

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