Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I worked late so ate late so everything's off schedule, and tomorrow I'm going in early to find out if my trip to NYC is off.  Little late; I already have the plane tickets.

Still nothing on RIHC6v1 with Amazon.  Or from my publisher.  It's ALL available on B&N, both volumes, both electronically AND in paperback.  So how much of a dick do I want to be?

So...being in a mood, I watched another episode of "Dexter"...and wound up shaking my head.  This is episode 4 of season 1 and while the series is interesting in some ways, it is so dumb in others.  A serial killer breaks into Dexter's condo to get ideas for a "game" they're to play together, and Dexter, who's supposed to be really smart and amoral, doesn't t check to make sure everything he owns is intact.  He only stumbles upon clues left in his home as he stumbles through trying to catch this taunting murderer.  Also, a man is kept bound to a gurney for 3-4 days, bits of him being cut off every 24 hours to send messages to Dexter, yet when he's found he looks clean and healthy, not dehydrated, not filthy from his own urine since he's obviously not catheterized but had no place to pee, not delirious from loss of blood or the fact that he's now a double amputee or shock or anything, untouched by the rats shown running about the place.  A very Catholic woman praying in a church gets up and goes straight to see someone when a true Catholic would pause at the aisle to kneel in respect before turning her back on the altar (I'm not even Catholic and I know better than that).

It's dumb little things like this that take me out of a story by killing the truth of it, and that's often why I dislike movies other people like -- such as "Mystic River" and "Atonement" and "Pulp Fiction."  They pull stunts in those films that I just plain did not believe.  Hell, I didn't even like "Sophie's Choice" because it was so much of a set-up movie (meant to make you FEEL and come to certain TRUTHS through deliberate mash-ups of absurd characters), I yawned at the denouement.

And yes, I know, I seem to violate a story's truth, too, at times...but in my case it's usually at the service of the story (not always, but far more often than not).  I got comments that some of the people in LD don't act correctly for what they purport to be...and they're right; they don't, and in such a way as to seem ridiculous.    But it was all to a specific point -- that Daniel might be going crazy -- tho' I guess I should make that a bit clearer.

I'll get back to it, tomorrow and hopefully have a first draft of a third draft done before I head out to LA.  Then I'll work on the second draft of the third draft and then the third and then...who knows?

Tomorrow's the SOTU Address by Obama.  I've got better things to do that listen to him turn more Republican than even Reagan was.

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