Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

More on Amazon and how two-faced they are

This interview with the director of content at Amazon's Kindle was published on December 29th.  Check out his answer to the first question and consider that Amazon is doing the EXACT opposite.,0,3286073.story

If he didn't know that when the interview took place, then he's best.  I've already fired off an e-mail to the reporter informing him of Amazon's actions (not just in the US but also the UK) and linking him to the other sites ranting about this.  They're listed below, if anyone wants to follow them.

Of course, it IS true that Amazon has the right to sell or not sell anything it wants.  BUT...then they shouldn't say they want to have "EVERY BOOK EVER PRINTED, IN PRINT OR OUT, AVAILABLE (on Kindle)".  "How To Rape A Straight Guy" was made available through them back in September of 2007 and they've sold hundreds (if not thousands; I haven't had an update on the actual sales, yet) of copies.  "Rape in holding Cell 6" was on for over a year.  And not once did they contact me or the publisher for a response before de-listing them and basically telling us to fuck off.
Which means...I DO have the right to bitch, gripe and complain about ill treatment at their hands.  And I'm gonna.

And folks, if you want to comment on this, own it.  Nothing anonymous will be accepted or even read.  I don't have time for pussy-boiz.

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