Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Startling truths...

Of a writer's worth in Hollywood.
And that's if you're lucky.  But at least this guy has the right idea...if he doesn't mind.  (I get the feeling he wants to direct, due to the storyboards in the BG.)

My problem was, I was stupid enough to think you can't make a movie without a script, so the scriptwriter is most important.  It took me years to realize I was in this "Alice In Wonderland" world where up is down and left is right and value is measured by who's willing to blow you in order to get ahead.  No wonder I never "got" the game; nobody wanted to even kiss me.

I've reworked the opening chapter to LD and by doing a bit of reversal achieved a number of things --

1.  Daniel is no longer as needy as he was.
2.  I establish earlier that he tends bar to make ends meet while Tad is a trust fund baby.
3.  The whole set-up is Tad's idea from the outset, with him offering to take Daniel to Bermuda as the carrot and Daniel losing out on the $100K if the project fails as the stick.
4.  Ace jumps in sooner to introduce himself and Carmen.

I THINK it's become more dynamic with a definite forward motion...but you never know.  I may post chapter 1 in bits once I've gone back over and proofed for typos and missing words.  I'm bad about that when I get running.  I also need to make sure I keep track of which version I'm dealing with.  I think I sent out an unproofed version of the story to a couple of people I'd asked for feedback.  Dumb.

I've begun watching Season One of "Dexter" on Netflix.  It's available for immediate viewing; none of this waiting for the disk to come.  So far I'm enjoying it more than I did "True Blood" but it does seem a bit casual about reality...even within its own universe.

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