Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Uh-oh...gotta get to work...

I just got a kick in the pants from Jake, one of my characters in "Rape In Holding Cell 6."  He wants to be in a new story, especially now that the bastards at Amazon won't sell the books he's in (tho' does).  And he gave me a strong indication as to what that story will be.  And I'm starting to get nervous about my goals.

I want to do one more draft of "The Lyons' Den" once I get feedback from some people I asked to read it.  Got one guy's, so far, and he made an interesting point that may need to be addressed.  Which will make it a more intense job than I thought...but I like Daniel and Van and want to do right by them.  So that's next on the agenda.

Then comes a full first draft of "Place of Safety."  I've been a wimp and weasel as regards that story, and it's time to end the wishy-washiness.  Brendan's ready, and I know how to add more humor and fun to the story, even as it grows darker and darker.

I'm finally passing my pissed-off stage concerning Amazon and have contacted the ACLU about the issue to see what they think.  I've had a number of people on various blogs CONTINUE to point out Amazon's a private company (not exactly; it's sold in the NYSE so has a different standard it must follow from a privately held company) and can carry or not carry my books as they wish, with only a few agreeing with me about how wrong this is.  So much for a ground-swell of support against the company's censorship.  I guess having a Kindle is more important than having access to all the books ever printed.

I've stung Amazon by getting people to shift to Nooks and close their accounts, and by my own purchase of several books through Barnes & Noble, but it wasn't badly enough to matter, really.  Not gonna give up, but this has been taking too much time and focus...and the fact is, I can send people to to buy my books.  So we'll see what happens over the next couple weeks.

I did learn from an attorney friend if I want to file a lawsuit against that reporter, I'd have to do it in Seattle.  Meaning I'd have to find a lawyer there who'd be willing to take the case on.  Irritating but still a possibility.

Besides, I may be working in New York City for a month and will barely have time to do any writing let alone fighting.  Then comes the California Book Fair and more travel.

My brain needs a vacation.  Didn't get one in San Antonio.

One last note -- the new version of "Huckleberry Finn", cleansed of the "n" word.  It's a desecration of a great work that consistently shows how vile and stupid and ill-conceived that word was, but apparently modern Americans are incapable of understanding that.  So it's been replaced with the word "slave."

Americans are fucking stupid.

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Serenity said...

Huckleberry Finn is a piece of American Literary History!! It's a classic that shouldn't be changed! Thats a desecration to the author that wrote it! That's an outrage that should people should be more aware of!