Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


ALL of my books are available at Barnes & Noble (see link at bottom of page) and four of them are in Nook format!  They've even linked to the anthology that holds my novella, "Perfection."  Amazon won't even CONSIDER doing that.  In fact, they're still dicking around with putting back up the paperback of RIHC6v1 and have yet to post the electronic edition of RIHC6v2.  So I'm still buying my stuff from B&N.  Amazon is just too much of a pain in the butt.

I'm currently reading Stephen Sondheim's " "Finishing the Hat" and it's fun...but it's not as detailed about how he made his greatest musicals as I thought it would be.  I bought it because "Cyber-Tribes" (my update of Aristophanes' "The Birds") wants to be a rock-musical.  I even have songs I'm using as templates for it -- like "Undisclosed Desires" and "Uprising" by Muse on their "Resistance" album.  Man, I'm building up a backlog of works to complete; I better get down to it and stop sitting around whimpering and whining so damn much.

Keith Olbermann either quit or was forced out at MSNBC, probably due to Comcast buying them out or merging or something; I'm not clear who's after whom, here.  The right wing assholes are crowing because the few liberal voices on the air are being silenced, one by one.  Rachel Maddow is probably next.  I've already begun to refer to America as the US-STFU-A since the rich have become owners of the whole fucking country and its treasury, and thank you so fucking much, Obama, for helping them.  One term, asshole.

We've had that happen before -- beginning with Grant's administration running right up to Teddy Roosevelt...more than 30 years of GOP theft with Democrats acquiescing -- and we'll wind up just as screwed up as we were then.  Hell, one US Rep in Congress has actually said that child labor laws are unconstitutional (they aren't; he was referencing the wrong Supreme Court Decision...but I wouldn't put it past Scalia and Thomas to agree with the bastard if it was brought before them, again).  And most of the dickwads who put us there will never admit just how wrong or stupid they were to help that happen.  The devil has taken hold, again, and will not let go till he's done.

Okay, I've ranted for the day and now will focus on rewriting LD.

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