Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I lost a follower

I noticed I had 13 followers for this blog (not including me following myself, which is necessary for my followers to show up on the blog page) but now have 12.  And I can't figure out who dropped me.  Guess they got weary of my non-stop prattle about writing LD.  But that's my life, right now -- working for a living and writing to live.

I don't think this story will even begin to work as farce.  It's got too much in the way of drama to it.  I do still think it's lighter than anything else I've written and has some funny moments in it (at least, I HOPE they're funny; I could be fooling myself), unlike anything else I've written.  What's nice about this attempt to write comedy was, even though I'm not achieving it I've caught on to how humor is necessary for a story to feel true and alive.  Not the forced kind (like I was trying to do) but just natural and fun and growing out of the situation.

I'm still on track to be done by the 17th.  And I mean a solid third draft that's massively different from the second draft I had people read...while still being similar enough.  If so, I'm having a real meal at a steak house here in Buffalo.  Build up my bones for the heavy lifting of "Place of Safety" and finding the humor in Brendan's life.

Worker bee be I.


Penman said...

Were they lost or planted?

I noticed that you had an increase in followers after Amazon dropped your book, How to Rape A Straight Guy.

I had something akin to that happen to me years ago on

I wrote a story, I think the title was, Red sky in the morning, Sailor take warning, Red sky at night a sailor's delight. It was about a sailor thrown overboard during a storm and found by an island boy, rescued, brought to a seaside hut, cared for and of course, having sex.

Now, I never gave the age of the island boy, he was known only by that description. Yet, I received a lot of e-mail on the character being a male child. One e-mail frightened me, in the subject matter they had photos of actual young boys that were obviously drugged and sexually abused. There was a link I could click on and go to where there were more photos AND if I had any photos to share.

There was something about the e-mail, other than it being pedophilia, that I thought strange. It was so open about it, the children were obviously children and it was obvious they were being sexually molested by someone. Why would a pedophile send such an obvious example of their desire knowing how serious is the crime?

I deleted it and emptied the trash, scanned the computer without going any further but yet I kept getting similar e-mails. One e-mail said that they liked the story but were disturbed about sex with children.

That one I wrote back, stating that no where in the story did I refer to island boy as a child. I left the age to the reader. But if you think about it, how could a male child, row an island canoe into a storm, rescue a grown man, bring them to their hut and then fish and hunt for them until they were well. Besides the sex that was going on. Does that sound like what a child could do? Island Boy was like saying "Hey, girl, or "How are you babe" in straight literature, but if a gay writer has boy, well then, it must be pedophilia.

After that, I stopped getting these requests for 'Boy stories' and if I had any pictures to share.

I thought it interesting in that this e-mail wanting to share pictures and a web-site of children could have very well been planted to see if I was into child porn.

Amazon took your book off because a right winged religious Nazi with some power, complained. And I know that these same groups search the Internet in the name of their god to ferret out sodomites as the case of the judge in Orange county having child porn on his personal computer. They discovered them by way of bugs planted in e-mails sent to him.

I'm not against arrest and jail time for pedophiles, I too think it's sick but I am against the right wing doing what they did to you and I'm sure other gay writers like myself.

Just a thought, not that that is what happened in your case. But why would someone follow and then take themselves off? It's not like your blog is their homepage they would have to make an effort to go to it.

JamTheCat said...

You're right -- there are a lot of "I'm a cop" nitwits out there causing as much trouble as they can because they're so sure they're right in their cause. And their cause is against anyone who doesn't think like they do.

You have to wonder how they can hand out images like you described so casually. It's almost like they're self-loathing pedophiles, trafficking in images of children being raped and secretly getting their jollies off it while holding up the front that they're "really" doing a public service because they are NOT like that. No.

To me it's like those cops that deliberately target gay men in an attempt to get them to participate in public sex so they can be arrested. Deep down they really want to have a man's mouth on their dick and this is how they prove they really don't.

As for Nifty -- they've got some stuff on there that is definitely underage sex. I don't even go there anymore, there was so much of it. And that's with me knowing kids fool around (I even reference that in "Bobby Carapisi", when Eric has a crush on a hockey-mate in junior high school and gets him into al one-on-one game just so they can get physical with each other). The image of 50 year-old men with 12 year- old boys just plain turns me off.