Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Interesting prospects...

I may not be working in August.  Or being paid.  Today the people I'm consulting for said they might shut their office down for the month since it will be completely quiet.  My initial thought was, "Better start saving money to pay your bills that month."  And being pissed off about it.  But then I got to thinking...if I could pull the money together, I could spend that month in Derry researching POS's sociology and daily details.  But the question comes -- How?  I could cut my expenses more.  Push people who owe me money to repay me (or just plain PAY me what they owe me).  Borrow.  Play the lottery here and in Canada.  Rob a wonder how long it wold take them to figure out I'd split the country and get me extradited?

Maybe I should first figure out how much I'd need for...say...3 or 4 weeks.  At the height of the season.  It won't be cheap and the exchange rate is crap.  But Ireland's in a depression, right now, so maybe it'll work if I stay in the Republic and hop a bus across the border.

Opportunity knocks.  Let's see if I can find the key to the door to open it in time.

LD is up to 260 pages and nearly 56K in wordage.  Now comes my last pass and off to get feedback. Still aiming for the 17th.

I watched the video of the Tsunami in Japan and got chills.  Then I learned our glorious and positively bone-headed GOP Reps in Washington cut funding for Tsunami warnings in the US and around the world in their new budget.  Crescent City, CA got hit hard by the waves and could have lost several lives (like happened in 1964, after the Alaska earthquake) had it not been for the early warnings.  As it is, one person still may have been carried off by the water.

This reminds me of Bobby Jindal making fun of volcano monitoring about this time last year, and then came the Icelandic volcano that wreaked havoc with world travel and commerce.  It's like Mother Nature is listening to these idiots and saying, "Okay, you freak, you're gonna make fun of me?  I'll show you who's boss."  And like blind fools, they learn nothing from it.  I'd say it's lovely in the way of poetic justice except hundreds, maybe thousands, have been killed in this disaster.

Time to get down to work.  I wonder if I can just up the credit limit on my credit card or get a new one?  Worry about paying it later.

Okay...that last is definitely a last resort.

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