Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Notes making

I spent my writing time slipping ideas I'd written down into the fabric of LD.  Like Daniel skiing down a Vail slope wearing just his boxer briefs in response to Tad snowboarding in his red Speedo...and nearly freezing his bits off.  And Van commenting on Daniel being so casual about the growing chaos around him and his response being, "What should I do?  Hide in a closet and whimper?"  And renaming Elmer.  I don't know if they really fit, rhythm-wise, but now they're in their spots and we'll see what happens.

Thing is, doing that puts me within spitting range of 55K in words.  I guess I'm just not capable of writing a short novel.  And enough of this.

Fun note -- on Amazon if you have a book listed on their site you can open an author's page and get sales updates on those books and Kindle editions.  You even get a cool little graph showing the ups and downs of your sales.
Well...for some reason somebody bought 10 copies of RIHC6v1 the last week of February, all of them sold in the Atlanta area.  Which surprises me.  I don't know of any gay bookshops in the area, nor am I aware of a convention where they might be given out as door prizes.  So it's quite interesting.

What's even more interesting is they did NOT buy any of volume 2.  Makes you wonder what's up.  Of course, Atlanta being in a souther state, it gives free rein to dark thoughts about ambitious DAs out to prove how hard they are on fags by attacking what we write as porn.  Not that I'm paranoid or anything...despite that bitch dissing my books and proving to me I have reason to be.

Oh, the huge dip in the raggedy Kindle graph is when the book was removed from Amazon's list.  Sales on HTRASG were even more badly hurt.  I had a nice little momentum going -- nothing spectacular but steady in the top 5% of Amazon sales -- until it was banned.  It has yet to recover, completely.

What's that old saying -- "You're not paranoid if people really ARE out to get you."  Hee-hee.

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