Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

We are not impressed with Verizon's WiFi

It seems whenever the weather's even the least bit bad, my WiFi gets all janky...which normally wouldn't matter except I'm listening either to Pandora or KCRW as I work and having them do their little hiccup thing in the middle of a melody is jarring.  But I don't have many CDs and don't wish to get an iPod because I don't have the cash to fill it with my choices of music...not if I want to make this trip to Ireland.

Of course, my concerns are pretty superficial in the face of everything that's been happening -- Japan being shifted 8 feet to the west; union busting in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio; Michelle Bachman mangling her facts about American history yet again and sloughing it off so still being considered a leader of the GOP; Newt Gingrich loving America so much he fucked around on wives 1 & 2 then dumped them when they became ill, and sloughing it off so still is considered a leader of the GOP; Libya collapsing into civil war...and on and on.

It's interesting, but I read "Candide" many, many years ago and the sections that stick out most in my brain were when he winds up in Lisbon shortly after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated that city and he's almost hanged as a heretic by the Inquisition, and when he goes to South America (Brazil?) and sees the unspeakable cruelty being practiced against the natives but also finds Eldorado...if I remember it right.  And I'm thinking of that as regards the world and how little humanity has changed since then.  At the end, Candide winds up married and happily tending to his own little garden and not worrying about anything else...and thinks that's how everyone should live.  Can't say I disagree...if people would leave you alone.

Dunno where that came from.  It just hit me...maybe in reaction to an MSNBC twerp talking about how the quake was bad but at least it won't effect the stock market, too much.  Like Wall Street's more important than anything else. the face of that stupidity, what can you do but just shake your head and keep moving?

Van's changed his first name to one I'd never thought of, before.   And I'm cutting and adding but making few actual shifts in the storyline, finally.  That's usually a good sign -- when I don't think a paragraph in chapter 2 belongs in chapter 7.  LD feels like it's beginning to finally settle down and all that's left is detail work.

A quick glance at prices and I figure I could do 3 weeks in Derry for about $2500, including air fare and considering the exchange rate.  I'm looking into renting a room for that period instead of a B&B, taking the bus from Dublin to Derry and not traveling about much.  I'd still need to cover my rent, insurance and credit card payments so I'll need to research this more...but it no longer looks impossible.  Just depends on how badly I want it.

Hm...maybe I'll find a way to stay there and not have to come back.

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