Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I have the weirdest camera

It's a Vivitar and only cost me $70, but it's as complex and demanding as a cat.  When I'm taking photos, I have to choose between "scenery", "portrait", "night scenery", "high sensitivity", "sport", "beach", or " party" mode while size and exposure and ISO and such can pretty much be set...except for white balance.  Then I have to choose between "daylight", "cloudy", "fluorescent" and "incandescent".  And on TOP of all this, there's a switch on the side that designates whether or not you're shooting landscapes as opposed to closeups.  I've got more icons on my viewing screen than I have fingers.  And if you don't get the alignment JUST right, you come out with a piece of crap.  Half the photos I took in Portland were soft...too soft to correct even in Photoshop.

Here's one that did come out all right, but only after I spent half an hour and went through a dozen different configurations to get it right.  I timed it neatly between rain showers.

And this is the one decent one I could get for Fort Vancouver since it was clouding up and about to rain.  This is after a LOT of manipulation in Photoshop to make it viewable.  Those towers in the background are the drawbridge on Interstate 5 going over the Columbia River.

I guess once I use the damned thing more I'll get used to it, but it does irritate me.  The camera that got taken by the JetBlue guy didn't need all this nonsense and it worked fine.

Nothing much else to talk about, really.  A mundane day.

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