Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

America the psychotic

I am getting so fucking sick of how this country is going.  It's been building for years...hell, ever since the GOP impeached Clinton for lying about cheating on his wife when 25% of the sanctimonious bastards and bitches pushing that impeachment were found to have done far worse, and 75% of the country said, "Don't do it."  Then Bush 2 stole the election thanks to his buddies on the Supreme Court, in direct violation of the Constitution.  Then 9/11 and the hysteria that followed, as if no one else in the world had ever been hit by terrorism before.  Ireland?  Israel?  Italy?  Germany?  France?  England?  Japan?  Spain?  Australia?  Who cares they've been through stuff that's just as bad and behaved like adults afterwards?

Then came the lies about Iraq and the invasion and the governmental intrusions and the Democrats playing the part of a battered wife, over and over and over, and the election of Obama (who was anything BUT a progressive, if you paid any real attention to what he was saying).  And then the fake scandals and the doctored videos aimed at destroying liberal organizations and true progressives, all aided and abetted by the Democowards.  And the GOP blaming everyone but themselves and Wall Street for collapsing the economy and exploding the deficit.  Now unions are being destroyed and the press...that great and liberal institution...cares more about a congressman's dick than it does about anything else in the world.

So...another progressive has been run out of office, NOT because he did anything illegal but because he got caught being a skank.  The right wing thugs have another victory thanks to the Democrats, lead by Nancy Pelosi.  And if anyone thinks this is the end of it, they're crazy as hell.  The GOP now sees a way to destroy anyone they disagree with -- find one little thing that person has done that someone somewhere might not like and scream about it as if it's the worst thing in the world.  They'll fall down and kick and hold their breath and then people will give in just to shut them up.  The GOP's doing that with the debt ceiling, even as we speak...and they flat out won't listen to the Chamber of Commerce and Moody's insist to them it's a big, big mistake.

But what's worse is...the American people put up with it.  75% of Americans like the health care reform act, but they won't make their congressmen pay attention.  75% of Americans think raising taxes on the wealthy is a good idea, but they won't make their congressmen pay attention.  They're like parents who have a 5 year old tossing a fit and are trying to ignore him, even as he wreaks havoc on everyone around him.  The GOP is completely out of control, and Americans won't do a damn thing about it before it's too late.

In Greece, they have protests and near riots and let their government know they'll pay a price if they protect the bankers at the expense of the people.  Iceland's citizens flat out said, "No" to demands they take on the debts of stupid banks who helped cause an explosion in property values and bad loans.  In Morocco they're still demonstrating to force real democracy on their government instead of this pseudo-sort-of-kind-of thing those in power are trying to get away with.  In Syria they're dying trying to overthrow a dictatorship.  In America, it's all a big shrug as the country is destroyed around us.  And you can see it all in exactly how Anthony Weiner was driven from office -- over sexting -- while those who've helped Wall Street and the banksters loot the country are given free passes because it's not as interesting or titillating and besides, who cares?

We're shallow fucking people.  And our country is dying.  And we don't care.  All that matters is, a Weiner showed his wiener.  Disgusting.


Writer said...

A friend had a positive take on the whole Weiner thing. That he went from a nobody to being in the National light and that possible (if he runs) will be elected to some higher more politically powerful position within the year.

Here's me crossing my fingers. =/

JamTheCat said...

One can hope...but what little optimism I had about this country has been fading fast since Obama took office. The son of a bitch just will not fight back against the GOP in a way that they understand but instead compromises his positions from the very first moment.