Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Death to the AARP

Turns out some stealth Republican at AARP, a guy named John Rother, has agreed to consider cuts to Social Security because it needs to be fixed.  Never mind that it doesn't, that Social Security has enough cash to pay full benefits for the next 20+ years and that it could be made even healthier if they'd just raise the cap on income that pays into the program.  Never mind that the economy is teetering on collapse and unemployment is still over 9%.  Never mind the criminality of the Banksters and Wall Street scum who looted people's life savings and no one's doing anything about.  Never mind the union-busting and the shredding of personal rights as we approach police statehood and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now Libya (thank you so fucking much W for setting it up so that Obama feels he does not need Congress' approval to attack another country) and the crumbling infrastructure in the US and the millions of homes being foreclosed upon and the more than 50 million, we need to cut Social Security benefits now, now, now and destroy Medicare as we know it.

I joined the Association for Retired Americans, in response.  I'm old enough, now.   And I told AARP they can go to hell.

And then I got down to what's important in my life -- working on LD.  I've worked through 3 chapters and found a few typos as well as spots where I could make things clearer.  I'm also cleaning up Tad's use of English a bit.  He probably went to prep schools his whole life, so he'd never use "gotta."  That's an Ace word.  It's also fun to emphasize how, despite the fact that Daniel shifted Ace's looks to reflect Tad's, he still had him talk like he never finished high school English.

I couldn't keep at it too long; I hopped over to the office to feed the cats for the last time (I was taking care of them while everyone was out of town) and had a so-so enchilada meal at Elmwood Tacos (whose rice is pathetic, however, and tasteless and the whole meal is WAY overpriced) then got a haircut and went for a walk around the lake, so I'm feeling tired, now.  I'll work on LD more tomorrow and through the week.  I have until the end of July to get them a final, final draft.  By the time I'm done, it'll be diamonds.

I also got a new camera.  That thing I bought from Vivitar is crap when you try to shoot close-ups, so I went with a CoolPix, again.  I know how to work that one and I found out it was only $50 more than the Vivtar was.  Serves me right for looking for price instead of quality.

I want some tea...and I think I'll watch a Hitchcock movie.  I've had two online buddies reference "The Birds" in the last week, so maybe it's time to view it, again.

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