Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here we go again

The State Assembly of NY just made it all right for gay men and women to marry members of their own sex.  Of course, NOM and their scumsucking followers are threatening to derail it, if they can.  I feel such a sense of deja vu, all over again.  I was in California when the courts extended marriage rights to gays and look what happened there -- the Mormon church funded a ballot initiative that used lies and distortions to scare people into voting to end those rights, which then had to be overturned by the courts, again...and is still ongoing 3 years later.  I hope it doesn't happen in New York...but people thought it wouldn't happen in California and it did.  So we'll see.

I, personally, don't believe in marriage, no matter who it's between.  My father had five of them, my mother...four.  I have a brother and sister each on their second, and of all my friends I only know one couple who are still, two.  All the rest are divorced and remarried or seeing new people.  Most of the "defenders" of marriage -- like Newt Gingrich, John McCain and John Hagee -- are RE-married, and Newt's divorces were especially nasty.  Hell, I even knew one guy who'd been divorced and married four times before he was twenty-three, and that's not mentioning the marriage he broke up.

So my experience with marriage has been that it's a dismal failure, so I can't even begin to understand why anyone cares about it.  Yes, it comes with certain legal guarantees...but that'll only count in states that recognize the marriage, and the IRS and immigration STILL will not automatically accept gay marriage for anything they have jurisdiction over nor will they until all the Bushies are driven out.  So if you have a gay marriage and go to Florida and your partner gets sick and may even be dying, you won't be allowed to see them or make any decisions on their behalf, not like you would with a heterosexual marriage.  And good luck getting that to change, even through the state courts.  Even if you have documentation proving you have the right to do it.  They won't give a shit.  Same goes for marrying someone from another country; immigration'll make your life hell when you try to get that past them.

On top of this...very few people are like geese or wolves; the vast majority cannot mate for life unless forced to (which is how it used to be in the US and still is in some Catholic countries).  So why DO they try?  Why do people buy into the idea that marriage is great and wonderful and the perfect ideal?  It's not like you need it to have sex, anymore.  To me, it's surrendering your freedom.  Like having kids is surrendering your freedom...until they're grown.  Usually.  Yet our world is set up to emphasize how everyone ought to do they HAVE to do it to gain certain rights and privileges.

Man...I'm rambling.  Gotta stop.  But I just got done with the psychotic break part of LD and am still in Daniel's freaked out state. And then I got the first idea for the book's cover from the publisher...and it's nice enough, but I don't think the art department read the book; they just glanced at the synopsis I sent for the back cover.  I mean, I love the isolated feel of the cabin, but the building is just too damn small.  It needs to look more like a ski lodge, not a one-room shack; it's owned by people who have MONEY.  And the title should read "The Lyons' Den".  Oh, and I find it especially funny that the man's tits are over my name.  Too bad he's not somebody I'd bother to look at twice.

Hm...I wonder if they'd add a pistol to the cover?  Maybe under "...Den"?

See?  I'm being a bitch.  I'd probably be working on divorce number fourteen if I'd been married.  Hell, I'm hard enough to deal with when we're just friends or co-workers...and that's with me trying to be nice for the short time we're together.  Imagine me having to do that for 16 hours a day.  I'd go nuts.

Not that I'm not already.

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