Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So this was funny...

I blew off anything tonight and watched "My Favorite Brunette" with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour...and boy has humor changed.  I can't say we've gotten better because 1934's "Twentieth Century" has moments that are just plain hysterical and which have yet to be matched.  But Bob, he's been better, like in "The Paleface" and "Seven Little Foys".  When he's got a good script that follows the format and a director that bothers to block the action.  But this movie...the funniest parts of it are the cameos by Alan Ladd and Bing Crosby and a bit by Lon Chaney Junior concerning walnut cracking.

Bob's a baby photographer who winds up investigating a kidnapping at the behest of beautiful Dorothy who may or may not be crazy...until she isn't and he knows what's really going on but can't even stumble into doing the right thing against the villains.  He winds up convicted of murder and on death row (I'm not doing a spoiler, here; that's where the movie starts from and he tells everything in flashback, even things he couldn't possibly have known).  What's really sad is how the ending is a cop-out.  Very disappointing.  The only reason I finished it is I was ironing.

Nothing else to say, really.  I'm letting my batteries recharge and trying to get all the mundane crap of life done so I can focus on what's important -- POS.  But I can't do that till know the next stage of LD.

I think I'm just lazy.  Always have been.  And that's a hard habit to break.

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