Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quesadilla Christmas

This was the best Christmas in a while. Instead of dealing with family and being nice and handing out gifts and running all over, I stayed in Buffalo, made myself some killer quesadillas (flour tortillas, 3 kinds of cheese, and butter slathered on the outsides before I slopped them on the skillet), with Wholly Guacamole and salsa, guzzled DP, and did a double bill of "Addams Family" movies. It all felt very festive and appropriate, spending time with Gomez and Morticia.

Of course, earlier I finished the red pen restructuring of IF so now just need to input it. Starting on that in the AM, after I ship off another of my remaining DVDs.

As regards Place Of seems PRONI (Public Records Office of Northern Ireland) has uploaded more documents from the 1968-73 period of The Troubles. I want to get onto those ASAP so I'm pushing to get this draft of IF completed and off to the guy whose story it (ostensibly) is and wait to hear the screams of outrage. Truth is, it still needs at least two more drafts to get the thing smoothed out and filled in completely, but I can still hunt and gather info on POS while I'm waiting for his feedback. And who knows -- he may hate it so much he'll ban me from ever writing another word. I did fictionalize things a lot.

Besides, I need to clean my apartment and establish a better set-up of a nest. I signed a lease for another year so I need more of a living space in place of a college dorm room. I even put the last of my writing awards up on the wall.

Now I'm at ease and ready to figure out the next step in my life's play. POS won't be done for a while (I still need to hit Houston for some research and won't be able to before July or August, not the perfect time to go) and still have a lot to learn about life in Derry. I'm praying my brother gets a job soon or else goes back to school and gets grants and scholarships to live off of. Then I can focus back on my finances. But then, I also hope the GOP self-destructs in November but that won't happen; there are too many blind idiots out there willing to listen to their lies instead of question them.

Such is life in the big city.

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