Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Freak out

I lost everything I did on OT after 12:30pm, yesterday. I was working on it in Word as my car got inspected. When that was done, I did a save and also put it on a thumb drive. I do that all that time. Then when I got home, I got back to work on OT with no problem and went through a couple more chapters. And saved it 4-5 times while working. All on my laptop. It looked fine when I shut down, last night, but when I went to find it, today...nothing. The file is gone. Completely.

I dug through every other file I had on my desktop. Nothing. Checked the trash. Nothing. Looked into "recent items." Nothing. I had to reload it from my thumb drive.

What makes this crazy is, I was doing a Word doc of the characters and had forgotten to put that in the file so left it on my desktop...and still was there when I fired up my laptop, today. So I was able to reconstruct some of what I'd done off that and off the handwritten notes I'd been making.

But now I'm spooked. That was hours worth of work and I'm still not completely back to where I was, and I've already bought an online ticket to see "Star Trek". I'm tempted to let it go and keep focused on this...but the damn thing's over $11 and no refunds. I dunno. Maybe I need to break my brain from this crap and hope that helps me figure out what the hell happened.

Carli...if I find out you had something to do with this, your names IS changing to Kali.

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