Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gotta spew...

Still in avoidance as regards CK. Went looking for a good model to use as David for DM and came up zeroes in Shutterstock and Fast Foto. Nothing but the same crap poses over and over and over.

So I'm blowing off the weekend and just spewing my (very) liberal politics mixed with some artwork I'm going to do, in acrylic.

I found this image a while ago on a website, and it fits perfectly with the feeling I get when I read the comments sections in the news...and in reaction to my own comments. One massive drawback to the internet is, it lets the scum take over because they like to scream and get a reaction from people. So they say vile things -- like execute 17 year olds who've caused the death of someone, and desecrate the grave of a man who's accused of being a terrorist, and all Muslims are evil and hate us and crap. They despise abortion and Islam, but don't mind guns slaughtering hundreds of children every year. It's sickening.
On top of it all is the upswing in anti-gay attacks all over the country, including 2 in NYC within the last week, and how more "christian" leaders are using gays to scare their flocks into opposing any rights for us, let along the right to marry. Brian Fischer of the American Family Association (or something like that) even blamed the financial collapse on gays. That's on a par with Pat Robertson blaming 9/11 on us...12 years ago. No surprise we're still considered legitimate targets for anger.

I lay a lot of the blame on the GOP, with Democrats sharing some of it for not really pushing back against Republican insanity. And I mean insanity. Darrell Issa, a congressman from California who's been linked to auto fraud and who bankrolled a quasi-legal coup against a democratically elected governor, has spent 4 1/2 years trying to find something to impeach Obama over, and has come up zeroes. But he's still at it with Benghazi and now the IRS stuff.

Texas elected a certifiable nutcase to the senate -- Ted Cruz, who cannot make a coherent argument to save his life but sure as hell gets paid attention to, even when condescending to Diane Feinstein over gun violence...who was a lot nicer to him in her response than I would have been. He's being considered as a candidate for President, for god's sake.

I cannot tell you how many gay people I know who tell me they don't support all of the GOP platform (esp. as regards gays) but they're better at managing the debt and keeping taxes down. Maybe once upon a time they were, but this chart clearly shows that since Reagan, they've been blowing taxpayer money left and right, which will eventually lead to massive tax increases.

Even under Clinton, the ratio of debt to GDP was going down, but did the GOP care? No, they impeached him for lying about cheating on his wife. Under Bush, it shot back up, but did the GOP care? No, they handed the keys to the treasury over to the likes of the Koch brothers and Haliburton...until Bush 2 collapsed the economy. Then everything became the Democrats' problem and the liberals' fault.

I'm not crazy about how Obama backstabbed liberals and put us down as "the professional left", but it's not his fault tax revenues go down when an economy is in recession, and unemployment claims and need for food stamps and other means to keep people alive go up. It's economics 101. But you wouldn't know that from the GOP. It's all Democrats tax and spend" and idiots listen to them.

If you really you think for 2 seconds that Republicans have the best interests of Americans at heart, look at the list below. That's today's GOP. Anything to make Obama and the Democrats look bad; nothing to help the people who seriously need it. And this is just in Washington. You go to the state level, it gets even worse.

If al Qaeda really wanted to destroy America, they'd put all their resources into electing more Republicans to office. The US would be toast in less than a decade.

Rant over. Now I'm gonna go paint.

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