Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So much for my Facebook Ads...

I set up two ads on Facebook -- 1 for "The Lyons' Den", 1 for "Bobby Carapisi - The Full Novel" -- and while each of them has gotten hundreds of "likes", it doesn't appear to have made a bit of difference in sales. In fact, from what I can see off Amazon, LD's sales are down, while BC just chugs along at its usual pace. Oh well. I tried.

Didn't make any difference that I got some good reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. Oh, they make me feel good, and mitigate against some of the very negative ones I've gotten for BC. I guess I'm more of a niche writer than I thought.

I'm still ticked about what happened with OT. I've been trying to replicate what I did on it as I was working my way through, but it doesn't have the light touch I think the lost file had. It read clumsy, to me. Of course, I may be just overly-critical and too-fondly remembering what might have been facile work, but it's irritating.

I watched "Silver Linings Playbook" instead of writing, this evening. I'm having trouble with a bill collector who thinks my name is Kevin Sullivan, so I'm sending him a registered letter telling him, basically, to fuck off or else. Anybody want to take bets all of a sudden, after he gets my letter, the name of the party he's looking for is actually "Kyle"? Fortunately, even though my finances are squirrelly, I am current with everything and have nothing for anyone to go chasing me for.

Probably not a good idea to watch the movie, though. I didn't like it. I finished it, but I didn't believe a moment of it, and for the life of me cannot understand how Jennifer Lawrence even got nominated, let alone how she won. The script was awkward, had a ludicrous setup for the ending, and it avoided some scenes that I would have thought were indispensable -- like showing Tiffany lie to Pat, to his face, to get him to do the dance competition. Plus David O Russell kept going for shots that made no sense to me.
At least Bradley Cooper is easy on the eyes. Not a deep actor,, who cares? The damn thing got made; that's what really counts. All else is just sour grapes.

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