Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Way over 100K in words...

"The Vanishing of Owen Taylor" is taking on a form that makes it more than just a mystery. It's found its voice and its meaning and made them completely obvious to me. My role in this is now to make it work and be told in a way that conveys everything it wants to say.

Jake lounges on my shoulder like a casual cat, purring in my ear when I let the story do what needs to be done, and digging in his claws when I don't. (BTW, this photo is not of me; I was never that cute...or young...)

But it's unfolding, now. I've reconstructed all I lost and probably done better with it. Jake's voice was getting to be too soft; but that's been changed.  I just need to keep his vernacular consistent -- ie. no softening phrases like "seems to" or "a bit like" or such. He don't say more than he needs to.

Another character's taken on a life of her own, and suddenly I don't know if she's on the side of the angels or devils or both. Guess I'll have to see it played out.

On a side note (a very non-Jake phrase) -- I contacted a friend of mine who illustrates childrens' books and talked with him about doing some work for "David Martin". He likes the story and is interested. And he's cutting me a deal on his rate. His work is much cleaner than mine, so I'm going for it. My goal is to have the book out and available by Thanksgiving.

Here's hoping...

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