Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Latest update on Deutschland...

My second trip to Germany with a side trip to Ireland may be back on...or it may not...or we'll get right up to the date of departure and have to cancel. To which the fates may now witness my hand raised with one finger extended. I don't like being fucked around with. So far as I'm concerned, until I'm in the air en route, it's not happening.

The other Germans have suddenly, after weeks of e-mails back and forth -- informed us the two men we've been dealing with will be on vacation next week. I'm to liaise with someone I've yet to meet. I'm selling my "Learn German" books. I'll focus on my French and English. With the former, if I do get stabbed in the back at least it will be with style and grace, and maybe a good wine. With the latter -- I lived in England and have dealt with the English, so I'll know what the hell they're saying when they start ripping me one.

This kind of crap hurts my writing. I got nothing done on OT, so I'm letting it go. I'll decide when I get to the location how much I'll need to work to get things done in time. Until then, I'm Jake's. I'll look around De Gaulle as much as I can between planes, see if I can get away with what happens there.

Tomorrow I'm headed for Toronto to catch my flight. And I'll be gone for a solid week. I've already promised to have a pretzel and mustard and a good beer for a co-worker. And someone else reminded me that Hitler as a subject ist verboten! Ya-ya. Maybe I'll take my copy of "Notorious" with me to watch. Ingrid Bergman threatened by a Nazi and his momma...

Vee shall zee vat vee shall zee...

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