Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not getting the warm and fuzzies...

The German company we're using to assist in exporting this library has proven to be completely untrustworthy. So much so, I dread the trip...but it's too late to change them.

Every time I turn around, they change things. For weeks I tell them we want the shipment picked up after 3pm on Friday, the 26th. Yesterday they say they can't do it, that it has to be picked up on Monday. Their warehouse closes at 4pm, on Fridays. Never a word about that, till now.

So we agree to change the pickup, even though I won't be there. I don't like it, but I agree. Then today they say, no, it has to be Friday, after noon. With a packing list developed as we pack, so they know what's in each box. Seems the list of books I sent wasn't good enough. Never a word about that, either.

They bumped up the price they quoted. After I've told them several times to have packing materials delivered to the location on Friday, tomorrow, and to contact a certain person to arrange that, yesterday they asked me what to do about delivery of the materials. I can't even find out how many sheets of paper I'm getting to do the packing with; they won't tell me. They ignore my questions then get pissy when I don't give them the information they want, even though I needed my questions answered in order to make decisions. I still don't have all the answers I needed; I just made shit up to move things along, and let the rest of it go.

Today we finally worked up a contingency plan, in case they pull something else...but it doesn't take effect until after they've picked up the shipment. Meaning I have to have everything done by noon on Friday. If the assistant they're supposedly supplying to me is any trouble, I may send him away and tell them to take a hike and work 12 hour days, just to not have to deal with their crap, anymore.

At least they backed down on the itemized list after I told them it was impossible. But I still have to put a note that says "books" or "microfiche" or whatever on the box. A step I wasn't contemplating having to remember to do...for as many as 300 boxes.

I'm headed to Germany on the company dime. I've never been to Munich so I'll sort of  get to see a part of Europe I've long been interested in. Decent food. Decent beer. But I have a nasty feeling I'll be working 10 hour days to get this job done, will have no time to enjoy myself, and will return to Buffalo exhausted.

No wonder German is an impossible language to learn. Germans are fucking insane.

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