Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quick note on LD's critique...

The guy who gave "The Lyons' Den" a scathing review and a single star rating complained about my mis-conjugation of the word "lie", as in "lie, lay, laid." He held it up as proof of my poor grasp of English grammar. Well...being a paranoid writer who is willing to believe anything critical of his work, I checked out the example he used on page 202...and it's Haddon saying it in his dialog.

In short, this guy complained that I have a character who is hardly erudite not use perfect English when he speaks.

Man...that is so fucking ludicrous, I'm actually embarrassed that I paid any attention to him. Fortunately, I have some friends who are willing to slap me around and say, "Snap out of it."

Which I have. Bigtime.

The only downside to this, now, is that's an official review and people will read it. I almost wish I could do a commentary on it...but only almost. Every writer gets his knocks...hell, every artist. What was that famous phrase of Dorothy Parker's as regards Katherine Hepburn? "She ran the gamut of emotions from A to B." And had a career that brought her untold acclaim and provided so many classic performances, she has yet to be equalled (though Meryl's trying).

Now I just need to get back to work with Jake and finish "The Vanishing of Owen Taylor" and start getting feedback on that. Because as arrogant as I can be about my work, at times...I'm also aware enough of my habit to get too close to my stories and think everything I put on the page is obvious to any and all who read it. Not necessarily true.

Still need that slappin' around.


Michael said...

SNAP OUT OF IT! The guy is a dick.
Was this on Amazon? Come to think of it I never got around to writing my own review and you know I'm giving it a well deserved five-stars.

JamTheCat said...

Thanks...I needed that... ;)

Like I said in an earlier post, he hit me at the wrong time when I was already beaten up. Story of my life. But I survived it.

I'd love you to give me a five-star...not that I'm pushing or anything...but be honest. And be certain to use "laid" correctly. After all, it is the King's English...or Queen's.

Feeling goofy. gotta stop and iron and watch a movie, or something.