Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Zyrtek returns

I am allergic to something in Buffalo, because the minute I get back to town, my eyes start watering and my nose drives me nuts. I spent most of the day sneezing and blowing said nose as my eyes itched. I never even had Cedar Fever this bad, in Texas.

I had too much paperwork and mail to catch up on, so OT is on a back burner, for the moment. I'm taking my birthday off and trying to do some catching up. I've got an interesting idea for a coda, re: OT. There are people who think they know what they're doing and what's going on, but they don't. Jake does, because he can cut through the bullshit. I wish I was that cool.

I'm definitely back to having the last two weeks of August off, so I'm taking in The Indie Gathering Film Festival. It's geared towards action, horror and some comedy, with awards given for things like best fights and short films and micro-films and such. "The Alice '65" got best Romantic Comedy, there, which is fun and gives me a free pass. I'm making use of it. It starts the 16th and goes to the 18th. I booked my hotel, using the last of my points with Best Western, today.

I've had ideas on other scripts and how to rewrite them to be better. I have one called "Delay En Route" that's a bit on the old-fashioned side. I'd tried a number of ways to make it current but then realized, it wants to be set in the early 80s, when America was having a mini-renaissance of power under Reagan. That it turned out to be a fantasy that set the stage for exploding debt is beside the point; in '82-'83 we'd stopped whining about Vietnam and begun acting like a superpower, again...and that pretty much continued until Bush 2 and 9/11, when we went completely nuts.

I have other ideas, too. I still think in film images when I write. Guess I'm stuck in my lovely rut.

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