Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

En route to Indiana...

I'm sitting in Baltimore's airport waiting for my flight, and BWI just went down a major notch in my estimation. I can't buy a bottle of Dr. Pepper anywhere in this terminal, anymore. Fountain drinks usually taste more like Mr. Pibb (which I despise) but that's what I had to make do with. That's what my life boils down to, now -- whether or not I can find a bottle of DP where I am.

I didn't get home, last night, till after midnight thanks to gridlock on JFK's runways; I actually saw it building when I noticed flight after flight after flight lining up to taxi to a runway...and barely move. If I'd been on the 10:55 flight, I'd probably still be there.

This set of jobs in NYC were rough, but got done on schedule...and that's no thanks to my Google Maps navigation. En route to my packing job, yesterday, it seems I got caught in a delayed program that didn't tell me to do stuff until it was too late for me to do it. I wound up heading the wrong way on the 678 and it was telling me to go straight, but that would have taken me right back where I came from, so so I ignored it and got off and turned around...and then it kept on like nothing had happened. I finally shut it down and started it up, again, and it was happier. Coming back it was good, too.

I have to admit, the damn thing does come in handy. The street I needed to turn on was surrounded by construction and had no sign to designate it, so I'd have missed it had I not had the navigator yelling at me to turn left here.

I have gotten more done on the outline for CK, though not as much as I wanted. Last night, I was so tired and so upset about my dinner being crappy, I couldn't really think until I had some raspberry sorbet from Pinkberry. Self-indugence works. Then this morning I had two cups of tea before I got on the flight to Baltimore, so I was able to work on the plane...and figured out some better lines for Carli and Zeke when they're doing their emotional dance. They're turning into very taciturn a good way, I hope.

The more I get into it, the more sure I am it's gonna be a script, first. It doesn't seem to want anything more...which is unusual, considering what the stories I connect with usually want done.

Well...unusual for me.

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