Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I know where Taylor Swift lives... NYC, and if she paid $22m for that penthouse, she's got WAY too much money. I was made privy to this information (even though I really don't care) by the man whose books and memorabilia I was packing. I was done and waiting for the driver to show up to get them, and the client was tossing a fit because the guy was running late and couldn't find a parking space...and somehow that came up. I think because he was trying to let me know he was worth a lot of money because his loft just doubled in value, thanks to her.

But I gotta tell you -- I took one look at that building, and looked down at the entrance to it, and looked at the other buildings, and I thought, "Bitch, you got took." But then again, we are talking about a city where townhouses sell for nine-figures...and I do mean nine. The penthouse on top the Woolworth Tower listed for $110m.

That one, I can almost understand. It's an iconic building and is remarkably beautiful. I even made reference to it in my horror script, Darian's Point -- Thomas, the lead male, is a successful architect in Boston who wants to design buildings like it. Oh, I should note: DP is set in 1910, when the building was still in the idea stages. I also hear it's a 5 level penthouse (UPDATE: It's 9 levels!!!). But still...the notion of spending that much money on a place to sleep is just ludicrous to me.

Must be why I still live like a college student.

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