Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My five top freebies...

Yummy of the Day put up his Top 5 Freebies -- i.e. male crushes he'd love to be with -- and challenged others to do the same. are mine:

1. Chris Evans
He seems to take his beauty as a lucky joke, which makes him even sexier.

2. Rodiney Santiago
His abs may pay his rent, but what holds me is his non-stop joy at being alive and knowing what he has may not last, so best to make the most of it now.

3. Aidan Turner
Charismatic to the extreme, even when being a murderous monster...he could talk me into spending eternity with him.

4. Ryan Gosling
A goof who thinks he looks goofy and can't see that's what makes him gorgeous.

5. Joe Manganiello
He epitomizes what I always wanted to look like but never could because I'm pale skinned, easily burned, and have an awkward body construction thanks to childhood issues.

As for the rest of my was spent working on Carli's Kills. A little restructuring, and suddenly the first 20 pages shoot past. I also turned one character from male to female. Much better.

Helps that I got my laptop power adaptor back, today. Only cost $66 to ship. For $79 plus tax, I could have gotten a new one, had them just snail-mail the old adaptor back to me and had it as a backup if I ever pulled this same boneheaded stunt, again. I'm an idiot about money. But then, aren't most artists?

Hey, I called me an artist.


Robert said...

Chris, Ryan and Joe......


Great list!

MAC said...

OOOH... good one! I especially enjoy Rodiney... so sexy. Aidan is new to me... I'll have to Google him. Thanks for playing! XOXO

JamTheCat said...


JamTheCat said...

Be warned, Mac...when Aidan's got his sexy on, no one is immune --