Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Like an idiot, I left my MacBook charger at the hotel and didn't notice it until I was checked into the airport and ready to do some work...and couldn't find it. First I tried to call the rental car to see if I'd left it there, because then I could just go out and get it before my flight. They wouldn't even answer their phone. So I checked the Best Western and they said they found it. I'm hoping it's the same one. Thing is, they won't send it to me till Monday. So either I buy a new charger or I make do till then...and the little buggers are $80! I can use my desktop for a week.

Not much going on in Indiana. I drove around downtown Indianapolis and saw they have a little river-walk, of sorts, and some nice riverside museums and such, but they don't do a whole lot with the actual river.

I think of Austin with Town Lake (AKA: Ladybird Lake) as the model for a great riverfront. St. Louis has a good one, as does New Orleans. And San Antonio's river-walk will never be equaled, no matter how much the city tries to ruin it.

But overall this town hits me as one of those places I think most people would want to escape from. Wide and open and generic.

Since I was done with everything by noon, I considered driving down to Bloomington to see where Breaking Away was shot...but as much as I love that movie, I couldn't see doing it. The town I was in picking up the books was so much like it in the movie...I think I got satiated.

Now I'm waiting on my plane...which doesn't take off for another couple hours. I should be home about midnight, again. And I have done the outline for CK. It's a script. I'll shift everything over to Final Draft this coming week. Not sure what I'll do with it, yet...but that never stopped me, before.

First, however, I may sleep all day, Saturday.

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