Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

46,305 words...

That's what Bugzters hit, and that's with me not being very precise in my grammar. In fact, most of the story is pretty damn sloppy. Shoving in Mrs. Rutledge and Drew, and expanding on the Chesters, added to the count but are like slabs of concrete over unfinished granite. However, my main goal was to get the story into book form, and it sort of is.

Now I'll run through and see if there's anywhere I can add on without merely padding the story with things I'll have to take out, later. Then it's going to need at least a solid rewrite and polish before I can even think of showing it to anyone for feedback. No sense being told what's wrong (or right) with it till I think I've fixed what's wrong with it and made what's right better.

I've worked out a number of possible images for it:

1. Battle with Billy in space
2. Alex & Billy argue in Techno-Splosion
3. Alex & Mrs. Rutledge on street
4. Alex & Taylor watch Mr. Smith and LeGrande
5. Alex and Taylor at homes, for sale sign
6. Alex & Taylor at computer
7. Bagh-star come down to satellite dish
8. Alex, Taylor and Hal-Bagh-star, Drew watching
9. Hex-on become Chesters
10. Bagh-star in insects
11. Julia almost sees Alex on the branch
12. Chesters hit by truck
13. The Beige Pair arrive, meet the CPO
14. Chesters watch Alex's home
15. Alex in Dragonfly buzzing C-1
16. Taylor shows off Butterfly
17. Morika's mom yells at Mr. LeGRande, Morika wailing in bg
18. Alex loses C-3
19. Billy sees Taylor and Mr. Smith with Tarantula
20. Alex and Drew
21. Beige pair and team scan house
22. Crowd at toy store
23. Globe chases Alex & Taylor
24. 3 Chesters have laptop
25. Alex & Taylor at computers

Not much to do. Maybe I'll have it ready in time for Christmas...of 2020!

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