Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hong Kong

Okay...I made it here after what was really a 44 hour trip -- 16 hours on the train, 16 hours on the plane, and about 12 hours between the two where I got 5 hours sleep. Got into Hong Kong at 8:45pm but not to my hotel till nearly midnight. Showered, shaved and crashed till 7am then got to the venue to handle the bookfair's load-in at 9am...but the shipment didn't show till 10:30. Then one crate was too large for the elevator so 3 guys who don't speak English and I snuck it up the escalator. I wasn't done till almost 3. Guess we'll take it down that way, tonight.

It's a nice venue if a bit dark, inside -- right by the ferries to everywhere (except Macau; that one has its own terminal) -- but it has spectacular views of the city, and they're almost done with improvements to the area. Soon you'll be able to get an even better look at Hong Kong by way of a ferris wheel. Not as grand as the London Eye, but still nice.

I returned to my hotel, sent off some e-mails and such, took a bus to Stanley to have fish and chips and a Guinness (not bad but not worth the extra trip) then jet lag slammed me and I fell asleep on the bus back. Fortunately, I had to get off at the last stop.

Yesterday, I hopped a ferry to Macau and walked around. More on that later.

I've gotten no writing done on Bugzters. Guess I know what I'm doing Thanksgiving weekend.

As usual.

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