Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Finding role models...

I've noticed lately I've been introduced to damaged people who are forging ahead with their lives and being whatever they damn well want to be. It makes me wonder what the universe is saying to me...or I am saying to myself, subconsciously.

 Alex Minsky was the first; he lost a leg in Afghanistan and is now a motivational speaker, fitness model and wannabe actor. He does a great series of short videos for Get Mighty With Minsky, answering questions he's asked, and it's obvious he's got a lot going for him thanks to his sense of self.

So much so, I wrote a script with a part for him as the one decent guy in it -- Zeke, in Carli's Kills. And if there is any way possible, I want to get it made just to have him act in it.

Then there's Nyle DiMarco, who was born deaf and has become not only a hot model but also a strong spokesperson for the deaf community, especially as regards acting roles.

I'd already written a script with a profoundly deaf character in it -- Mitch in 5 Dates. Who's made fun of because of his deafness and how he speaks. Nyle doesn't fit the role (Mitch is in high school), nor does he really talk; there was an interesting video of him being taught how to say someone's name and the trouble he had with it, but he kept going.

My own damage is pretty much hidden and mostly in my own brain...and is something I've been trying to get beyond for years. But watching these guys...I have to think I put too much emphasis on the negative influence that has on me and not enough on how to just deal with it...or how it's been a positive thing.

One way it has been is with my writing. I write people in my scripts and books, not least, I think so. And I will fight for them if I feel they're being dissed unfairly. I'm going to extend that fight to trying to sell them better. On top of what I've already done, I'm reconnecting with sites like Talentville and MovieBytes and even InkTip. Sitting on my scripts like a hen on her eggs ain't doing a damned thing and trying to get an agent or connect with a production company is getting me nowhere.

Of course, part of my damage is nearly complete uncertainty about my own abilities as a writer or artist of any kind. I fight it, and sometimes I get past it, but it's always there lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce. And it's half the reason I've taken so damned long getting OT done.

So let me get through putting OT out there and then let's see how crazy I can get about it.

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