Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Mmmmm...not an easy day. Arrived into Boston half an hour late on the redeye from Seattle then had to drive 100 miles up to Maine. In a thick misty fog that sometimes shifted to rain. Hell, looking out the windows of the plane, I couldn't tell we were landing until the wheels hit the ground. And getting away from Boston's Airport is a nightmare. I don't want to think about how much fun it will be returning, tomorrow.

I stopped twice for quickie naps because I was drifting as I drove. I got to the hotel early but they let me check in so I grabbed an hour's more sleep...then ran out to visit the location of the pickup then got dinner and came back to the hotel and got to work on OT...and decided one bit just isn't working, anymore.

Fortunately, it only means rewriting about 5 pages...but I'm vacillating on which direction to take it. Do I let Antony get involved or keep it as is, with Lemm thinking he's helping and actually hurting Jake's plans? I may wind up tossing a coin, because it works well either way. Dammit. Maybe there's a third way...

Seems I'm a week too early for the fall extravaganza. A lot of trees are turning but the majority are still green. I'll download the pictures I took when I'm back in Buffalo; I want to see if tomorrow's any better. Today was drizzly and gray and it's hard for colors to shine under those circumstances.

At least I got a decent view from my hotel. It's up on a hill, and in one direction is the 95, but looking to the left is a pond and trees. All new, it seems, and very nice. Just not close to anyplace to eat. But I have a microwave and there was a grocery store near the job site, so I went the cheap route and nuked my one meal, today.

Now I think I'm going to sit in a tub and drift, in a safe manner...

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