Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Jumped straight into NaNoWriMo and will have the book done by the end of the month, come hell or high water...and this being winter, probably blizzards. I posted the first 2000 words of Underground Guy on it, along with a new idea for the cover.

This works better than the one where the guy's eyes are downcast. His expression is almost dreamy. I enhanced his features a bit and blackened the people around him. And no need for the little tag that I usually put on my book covers; this works better without one. Clean and simple...

I got feedback on a script -- a short-form sort of coverage for Carli's Kills. They really liked it except one section that dragged, and they weren't happy I have the bad guys use anti-gay comments. I went to look at the pages they referenced and what should jump out at me but a typo. I went through that script a dozen times searching for typos, but somehow I missed having Hr instead of Her.

The great thing about it was, the ending did what I wanted it to for their reader. I was really unsure about that, because I don't let Carli off the hook for the things she's done. So I'm pleased, overall. I may put the script up on Talentville, to get more feedback.

I read a script that's already posted on that site and offered feedback. It was a nice enough one, but very careful and linear when the story cried to be told in a different way. Good dialogue just too much of it...and for me to say that, you know it had to be a lot.

But them's the dues you gotta pay on places like Triggerstreet and Talentville -- reading sub-par scripts,

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