Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Quick pass on CK

It took a few hours, but I polished up Carli's Kills...well, more like went through and corrected typos and inconsistencies. Such as having 5 Harleys outside the cantina when there should only be 4, and a small mistake in the timeline. Found nearly a dozen things that should have been corrected, and a couple things I missed that added to the story. The bad boys still say crap, but now they get called on it.

I really like how Zeke and Carli work out. The way they connect and build their relationship works so well I didn't change any of it. And I made her more active in the part that was called dull. I could see where it needed it, and all it took was adding a couple of lines to have her move instead of sit and watch, and I brought Zeke's dog in a bit more.

I really do need to get feedback on my scripts; if I've gone over this one all those times and still didn't catch everything...god knows what the rest are like. Readers for OT didn't catch everything, but some people would notice one typo while others noticed a different one so I was able to focus on those...and probably make new ones, the way I work.

It's rarely anything really big; more like missing letters, reversing them, missing words, repeating words when I didn't intend to, that sort of thing. I even double-and-triple check my blog to make sure I've got everything in it that the post needs...and if I read it later, I still find typos. I'm hopeless.

Right now I have a nasty headache. Seems if I stand while working for too long, my neck muscles tense up and it spreads from them up my neck into the back of my brain and makes it hard to concentrate.

If this is old age, stop it, right now!

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