Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Devlin Pope living up to his name...

I got into a nice long bit of back and forth with Dev about Underground Guy and finally came to the understanding that I'm holding him back. I've been trying to find excuses for his behavior...and those are still going to be in the story, because otherwise it doesn't make any sense...but he's not going to be a nice guy about it. He's going to be something of a monster. Not consistently, but every now and then a button is pushed and he turns into a raging animal.

The button to start the story off is, he thinks Reg is a cop out to trap some gay man into making a pass at him on the underground so he can arrest him. And Dev hates cops because they consistently let his father beat him, his brother, and his mother. In fact, the police would suggest they did something to set dad off on his rampage. Then when Dev's mother vanished, they were too willing to assume she just ran off, leaving her two boys behind; Dev, however, even at eight years old suspected his father killed her and disposed of the body. And the story now begins with a body being found in some marshland in New Jersey that might be his mother's, and all that old anger and fear is churned up.

That is what sets him close to the edge, this time, and seeing Reg do something to attract the attention of a man Dev recognizes as gay punches the button. He sets out to teach Reg a lesson about fucking around with people...and winds up in deep shit. In a foreign country. Where he doesn't have his attack dog of a lawyer available to defend him. And all hell tears loose in him.

Dev even had me set up what is about to happen to Reg by having him remember doing it to an undercover vice cop in San Francisco. Dev went to grab a piss just before his redeye flight was due to leave and the cop tried to get him to make a move. When Dev dismissed him, the cop's feelings were hurt so he tried to bust Dev...only to find out my guy don't take that kind of crap off nobody.

In short, in the first 10 pages Dev attacks a cop and gets away with it. That the story doesn't follow the expected path from that point...well, that's me and my characters.

I think Mr. Devlin Pope is going to be both interesting and scary, to say the least...

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