Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A pat on the back...

I'm rather proud of myself, right now. I went down to get my Saturday mail, today, and in it was a weird letter from my insurance company telling me they were charging me triple what I was charged, last month, and didn't explain why. It's set to be debited from my checking account on the 1st. And, of course, I can't call their customer service on a Sunday (I have to wait till after work, tomorrow, because I do not like sharing my personal life there) and it may be too late to stop the automatic charge.

This sort of thing throws me to the ground, usually. But today I shrugged it off, figured I'd call about it, tomorrow, and worked on The Alice 65. Reading my notes from the comedy class had given me some ideas, so I red-penned them into a printout of the script. All of them. Didn't let myself freak out, at all, when normally I'd crash into "WTF, how can I deal with this?"

Tomorrow, once I'm done with my phone call, I'll begin inputting the changes. They're not really big alterations...just ways of making Adam and Casey more interesting, emphasizing the humor better, intensifying the emotional moments...and clarifying a couple of story points I don't think I did very well but noticed as I was working. The one big change is, I added a dance sequence to the party, where Adam reveals his mother made him take ballroom dancing as a way to get him to exercise until he got interested in football...uh, soccer. So he can waltz, tango, cha-cha, and paso doble...just like on Dancing With the Stars...all super-mod and everything.

Takes Casey by surprise. The only reason the dancing happened was because she saw Lando and his new squeeze, Veronica, arriving to the party and she wanted him to think she really is with Adam when she's just been using him. But she's finding that he's not as much of a dork as she expected...and that she likes him. It's after this point they start revealing their secret lives to each other.

Ah, love, romance...who knew within minutes a love-sick panther would come between them?

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