Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Getting reviews...

Wow. In my search to try and figure out how to better market my books -- specifically, The Vanishing of Owen Taylor -- I checked out some organizations that do reviews. Which you pay for. A LOT for. Each one.

Kirkus, which I'd already heard of, charges $425 for one review. You get it in 7-9 weeks. If you want it faster, there's a surcharge...and you get it in 5-7 weeks. You can post it to Amazon, B&N, and a host of other sites as well as on theirs.

Blue Ink charges nearly $400, as does Net Galley. Same lead time. You can get reviews for cheaper, maybe, through Independent Book Publishers Association; you just have to be a member ($200 per year) and they are unclear as to whether or not you can post those reviews to any other site...but I haven't dug all that deep into them, yet.

I do have one review of OT, and it's a positive one -- on GoodReads. One of the three people I sent a freebie to did it. Nothing massive, but it's there. I'm glad for that much.

It's funny -- How To Rape A Straight Guy has literally dozens of reviews between GoodReads and Amazon, most being positive but some being extremely negative...and just about all shocked at how they felt about Curt (the protagonist) at the end. It'd be funny if my first book turns out to have been my best book. It's still my best-seller...closing in on 3000 copies sold, though I'm guessing at the numbers sold by Nazca Plains based on the money they owed me and the royalties specified in the contract.

Right now, I'm trying to decide how I'm going to tell the book form of The Alice 65. All my narrative works have been first person, so I'm tempted to do third, this time. I like the idea of the omniscient POV. BUT...Adam has a good clear voice and wants to tell his own story. Same for Casey...though not quite as adamant. I could do like the book version of Laura (which was told by 4 different people)...or what I did with Bobby Carapisi -- alternate between them. I wish I could figure out some way of having a first person tell it in third person, like in The Lyons' Den.

I guess I'll decide that on Tuesday, when I begin.

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