Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I can't find the voice for A65...

Adam's voice is nice for half the story...but it doesn't work for the rest. For Casey's story. And something about telling it in 3rd person is boring, to me. Tedious. Typical. And I have no idea how to find it except keep casting about. Writing. Fiddling. Pounding my head against that damn wall.

This is unusual for me. Normally I know exactly who's telling the story and how before I get going on it. The idea to have Ace tell Daniel's story in LD made it sing, so I got it done fairly quickly. HTRASG was always going to be in Curt's voice and POV. Same for PM, RIHC6, BC and OT; the narrators took over from page one. It even worked that way in French Connection Blues.

Part of the problem might be I'm out of sorts. I got paid late and I'm still owed nearly a thousand bucks in expenses. Blue Cross and NY State of Health, through whom I have my health insurance, cost me an additional $400 this month, due to a clerical issue, and I'm only getting half of it back by way of a credit to next month's premium; it's too late to correct the error and get the other half, even though I wasn't told about it till a couple weeks ago. My only recourse is to file an appeal and go through a lot of crap and paperwork and a time when I don't need it.

And glorious -- they've got a couple of my books all screwed up and I've been at them for weeks to correct the problems...and they just keep getting worse. As of now, half the time when you pull up HTRASG or RIHC6 you get a page that offers the books at exorbitant prices, as if they're out of print.. Those listings should be through the marketplace, but for some reason even though the reps tell me it's being fixed, it isn't  And sometimes a page that actually indicates BC is out of print comes up. It makes me wonder if that's why the sales of them are down.

OT is doing all right, at least.

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