Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Almost done...

I have The Lyons' Den all set in paperback -- 228 pps -- and ready for uploading as an ebook soon as I complete one more step...and get cover art. I'll complete the ebook, tomorrow...then see if the artist is working on the front, at least.

I sent him a copy of LD to read so he may be doing that, now. I've been rereading it...and finding typos. Nothing massive, just a period missing here and saying Goggle something instead of Google it. It's mind-bending, but necessary. I'm not rewriting, though...which is hard...but the story's been out for nearly 5 years, now, so it would be silly to redo it.

I've heard of authors doing that, however. A book gets reissued and they do a pass over it. John Fowles is reputed to have reworked The Magus when a new edition was issued, and he's a fairly major it wouldn't be unprecedented...or "unpresidented," if you use King Rump's language.

I never did hear back from either photographer. Too bad.

I'm tempted to do a colored pencil rendition of the sketch I worked up for the cover of LD, just to see how it turns out. Make it as rich in color as possible. In case the artist doesn't like the book or does and comes up with something I can't use. That's always a gamble, hoping people will like your work. I like how Ace is a pain in the ass and how the story shifts tone when he's not telling it, directly. I like Daniel and the slow-burning build of interest between Daniel and Van. Like the interplay between Daniel and the other characters...

But I'm the book's mother and father, priest, uncle, name it. To me, it will be close to perfection. Be nice if more people would just let me know if it worked or if it's too far off the chaos charts to be readable. So far, it's more liked than not...but that's only about 4 people. No telling what the general consensus is.

Maybe I shouldn't ask, but how can I learn if I don't know?

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