Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Ilithium 4"

That's the title of Casey's big action sci-fi movie and Adam refused to watch it because it's based on a classic work of science fiction...except Vincent, his boss, all but forces him to. It's what I worked on, today, and is pretty much a pastiche of a dozen different SF films, but works for now.

The book is based on Simplicius Simplicissimus by Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen (1668), which starts with the 30 years war that cut Germany's population by two-thirds. Simplicicus is the hero who is orphaned by the war, lives with a hermit as he grows up, travels to France, Russia, and a world inhabited by mermen, and has mercenary adventures and heartbreak and sadness and joy on the way. Supposedly inspired Voltaire's Candide, a century later.

The "SF book" splits Simplicius into male and female, which Adam thinks actually worked quite nicely. Mar-Lee, the female, is not only the heart and mind of the story, but its conscience. She can also fight. Creggan is the adventurous fool who knows military strategy and thinks of Mar-Lee as beneath him, even after she proves herself more capable than he.

Ilithium 4 is a mineral found on Skipf, a living planet of forested mountains and valleys and golden plains whispering up to green oceans, in the Torellian System. It provides an indestructible protective coating for spacecraft entering and exiting the atmosphere of planets, absorbs energy from void of the universe to provide additional power for the ship, thus enhancing interplanetary travel, and protects against battle ship weaponry better than matter-shields.

Skipf is run by a powerful family with the assistance of their own private bureaucracy and protected by their private army. Mar-Lee's father is one of their top officials, so grows up with Creggan, the oldest son of the family's patriarch. He is being groomed to take over the family's business as well as command the security forces.

Corporate raiders invade the planet and destroy the family and all who resist them. Mar-Lee saves Creggan's life by forcing him to leave with her. They are 11 years old. They find others who escaped and form a small secret community deep in the forest, and begin to learn how to fight.

Cut to Mar-Lee, now played by Casey, a woman of knowledge and vision who can hunt and fight with the best, but has heart. She will not kill a female creature, nor allow one to be killed. "Might have young." She is building a ship to get to another planet, using bits and pieces she steals from the mining sites. She wants to raise money for better weaponry...for counterattack.

Creggan tries to be a leader but is prone to anger and foolishness. "His father would have worked that out of him," says the oldest of the survivors. He's angriest when not taken seriously, but his condescending attitude keeps that from happening. His saving grace is, he is fearless in battle, and there have been more and more skirmishes between the forest group and the invaders as the mining gets closer and closer to the forest.

The invaders have taken over the production of Ilithium 4 but in rough and brutal ways, wreaking havoc on the land and harming the planet, maybe beyond repair. They have begun tearing into the forests, now...which are sacred areas. Not because of religion but because they are the lungs of the planet.

The seeress finds them and tells them Skipf is angry and will fight back with rains and earthquakes to stop the plunder. The people in the forest must get to higher ground, places more stable. Then she tells Mar-Lee, "You are alone -- and with not be alone -- and then will be alone."

The invaders attack the people in the forest, but are beaten back to the open spaces, Creggan at the head. It's a slaughter on both sides as the land quakes and rain pours. Then the invaders sling massive bombs into forest, wreaking havoc. Creggan is knocked out and Mar-Lee puts him in her space ship, for protection. She convinces the survivors to get up into the mountains and promises she will come back with help.

Mar-Lee sets off for another planet, Creggan with her. As they leave, waves roll over their land, changing the entire look of it...but the invaders also survive and stay.

Creggan wakes and is horrified at what he sees and hears. He wants to go down and destroy them, but Mar-Lee calms him by saying, "We will come back, Creggan, and our revenge will sends waves of horror throughout the universe."

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