Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, February 17, 2017

One of those weeks...

Nothing has gone the way I wanted, this week. I'd hoped to have a new draft of A65 done to print out and red pen, but work interfered, massively. The California Book Fair kept me in the office till 7 and 8 pm, the first three days of the week, by which time I was starving so stuffed myself and felt bloated and irritable when I went to bed...and it's absurd.

I'm also faced with being told I'm doing things wrong at least twice a day, sometimes even though it's how I've been told to do them by one supervisor who didn't bother telling the other supervisor. Great confidence builder, if I needed it. I actually got so down, I considered quitting...but I can't. Not unless somebody's got $36,000 to lend me so I can get out of debt.

I also didn't get my phone back from Sprint till yesterday...and that took over an hour to settle because the clerk couldn't get the phone to connect to my account, or something. Also not a great builder of confidence. And while my info was saved on the cloud, I had to completely reinstall the apps I'd had on the old one -- Google Maps, Twitter, GMail, Messenger, etc. -- and log back into things like email and itunes and stuff.

So last night I splurged on Chili's ribs and a salad...and a half hour meal took over an hour thanks to crap service, capped by them not having Amstel Light or Corona when I really wanted one, but really pushing Bud Light, so I'm drinking Dr. Pepper and munching on chips...and I'm close to walking out.

Short story part of this -- I'm in a foul mood and that makes everything worse than it probably really is. Tonight, I came straight home at 5 and just vegetated. I did get another update on the artwork for LD, and it's looking that makes me happy. And I have a couple more ideas for A65. And was smart enough to stay away from it, because when I've got this kind of mood on, anything I write will be crap and that will just feed my sense of inadequacy.

So I'm sleeping in, tomorrow, and don't care that it's self-indulgent.

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