Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Working along...

I did a quick, brutally busy jaunt down to Miami to handle the move-out of clients from the Miami Map Fair, and it was non-stop. First was meeting with the dealers to let them know I had labels and paperwork for their return shipments, then came finding out the place we normally would store their shipments till we pick them up, the next day, no longer exists. Saw the new space for holding their shipments and told the dealers the new plan...only to have it not work that way because there was no communication between the museum staff.

The next morning, the truck was early and there was a backlog of other people wanting to get in, so we got our dealers and got gone, based solely on a piece count. Once at the warehouse, which had no AC, of course, the driver and I sorted out the shipments and got them ready to go on their way. But it was heavy physical labor done in 85+ degree heat and god knows what humidity.

I was exhausted and sure I was not in a condition to be seated next to anyone, so I splurged and got an upgraded boarding position on Southwest...and latched onto an exit row seat by the window. I then stretched out and actually dozed on the flight home. The seat next to me was empty...until this tall dude decided he'd like it so moved in. Then it got a bit tight, but I had so much legroom, I didn't care.

I ate poorly, drank a lot of water, and determined there is no way in hell I would ever live in Miami...or Florida, in general. I do not like how it's laid out and for that kind of weather I could live in Houston, which I'm actually familiar with, instead of learning all the nonsensical ins-and-outs of getting around in a new region.

This evening I got back onto The Alice '65 and hope to have this new draft ready to print up, this weekend. I say new draft, but it's still just shifting from first person to third person in a way that makes the story interesting and fun and not bland...which entails me redoing it several times to get the voice consistent throughout the book. Some sections I like; others are cringe-worthy, still.

The artist for LD postponed his first rendering till Thursday, which does not bode well...but we'll see how it goes.

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