Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Sketching along...

Today I spent prepping sketches for the A65 video. I have 8 left to do in my sketchbook, then comes coloring in. Even though I had worked out some thumbnail ideas and a set of slightly larger drawings to prepare for this...they changed even more. I found a great castle to use for Merryton College and, after a couple of false starts, got the idea of the interior of the chapel down solid.

I also adjusted the angles I'd initially aimed for into something a bit more dramatic and indicative of movement as opposed to mere illustration. We'll see how they turn out in color. What's nice about working on these is, I don't pay attention to social feel a lot less stressed by this time of night. I hope to start sharing completed images next weekend...but not sure if I'll be ready, yet.

That's because I can't do much till Thursday, next week; I'm off to LA for a quickie job. Fly in Monday, pick up and pack on Tuesday, fly back on Wednesday, all a very last-minute scramble. I'm meeting with Carrie, the person doing the reading for A65, and her husband, Karl, for dinner Tuesday night...and since my flight's at 5:25 pm, I won't have time for anything else. Dammit. Besides, My buddy, Brad the cinematographer, is in Texas shooting a movie.

But I'm excited about this job because it's for an icon in gay literature, and I didn't even realize he was still running around writing. I'll have a copy of his first book with me, just in case I can get it signed. That would so cool. But with my luck, I'll only get to deal with his assistant.

I guess it depends on how much of an obnoxious fanboy I want to be...but doesn't matter. I'm happy to even be part of this. When he was young, he was gorgeous and he helped set up dark gay lit...

I'm also thinking of taking August off and going to Ireland, again. I've been there so many times but never got to visit a couple of sites I'd like to see, dealing with ancient Irish history. They're in the southwest of the island, where I've only done the Ring of Kerry. I'll have to think about it, figure out the cost. I'm getting my credit cards paid down nicely and don't want to run them up, again...but the catastrophe of Notre Dame made me realize if you put something you want to do off for too long, it'll wind up being too late.

Besides, what good are credit and money if you don't use them?

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