Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A hop, skip and a dump...

I hopped back to SA via Southwest Airlines and it wasn't too bad; both flights the middle seat was empty so I could stretch out and do some writing.

I finally realized I was taking "MFD" the wrong direction once Chris, my lead, winds up at the police station, so I skipped back and cut to another location in a manner much used by Hitchcock -- it looks like your hero's dead so you jump to another point in the story and keep the suspense running until you explain what REALLY happened. And it worked. When in doubt or confusion about a suspense-thriller, turn to the master. Now I have a vague momentum going...I'm now at page 55 instead of stuck on 52...and that's enough to get me to the end of the act.

The horror script I treated as a step-child -- "Return To Darian's Point" -- was dumped on...meaning totally ignored by "Screamfest-LA" and "The Horror Script Competition." From the titles of the scripts they chose, they sound very commonplace. Normally, I'd be upset about being dissed in so second rate a fashion...but the thing is, I'm so happy RTDP was a semi-finalist at "ShriekFest" and is a quarter-finalist in "Writers on the Storm" -- I don't care. My attitude toward it has been proven silly, since it became the 7th script I've done well with in a competition...with "5 Dates" being #8. I should never look down on any of my work. Which is something I need to change about myself.

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