Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lack of concentration

In LA I had an apartment to myself and could focus on my writing without much thought. Now -- my computer's set up in the dining room and my mother watches TV in the living room next to it...and she loves to channel surf, which drives me NUTS. So I've gotten to where I either write while she's napping or stay up till 2am to find some quiet time here. I get some writing done in spite of the distractions...but it's work.

I should say, my mother needs to have someone staying with her at all times...someone who can set up her doctor visits and make sure she goes and has her tests done. She's gotten to where if she has the least excuse, she'll cancel her appointments and not reschedule. She even walked out on a colonoscopy because she just didn't feel right about it and no one was there to talk her into just letting it be done since they were about to start. And this was AFTER she'd already gone through the whole cleansing routine. So things were getting worse and worse with her health, and my youngest brother -- the one who was trying to help her -- wasn't able to, anymore. So here I moved at the beginning of December and I've been dealing with her idiosyncrasies ever since. As she's been dealing with mine. And I can't wait to leave so I can get my sense of rhythm back.

Of course, if I did have my own space, I'd probably find some other reason not to work on "Marked For Death." Because what it boils down to is...I'm feeling VERY lazy and unfocused and mom's current channel surfing gives me an excuse not to do anything. Typical writer. Too bad I'm also typical in the notion that it's not making me a living.

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