Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Man, it poured for over an hour, this morning. Had to drive my mom to get some blood-work done, in it...and just loved it. I prefer the rain and cool to heat and humidity. It's supposed to rain more, tomorrow, as I'm heading out but be sunny in Seattle. Don't care. Just wanna go.

Signed the official contract for "Bobby Carapisi" today. This marks a shift in direction for me because "Bobby..." doesn't really fall into the category of erotica. I have one more very gritty erotic book to write...and the last volume of "Bobby..." will be pretty harsh, considering who's telling this part of it...but the rest of the stories I have lined up are more romantic and fun while still making my radical left-wing "homosexual agenda" political points. Hmph, I LOVE putting it that way, though I'm probably exaggerating the intensity of my actual feelings. Anyway, I'm still in control enough of it to where I'll be putting entertainment and fun at the fore and the lecturing done under my breath. Marx, I am not. Nor Lenin. And I SURE as hell don't want to wind up like Theodore Dreiser or Russell Banks; their writing is damn near unreadable.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, today, and I'm of two minds about it. I don't really think he deserves it, yet...but I can see the points people are making about how he's so radically changed people's views about America (after those catastrophic Bush years), I guess I don't mind. I do think Bono would have been a better choice, though not Clinton, as some people have posited.'ll be hard to take the Nobels seriously after this. They've helped make the case that they're more of a political choice than a serious one, even if that's not really the case.

What's funny is, it reminds me of how I dreamed of getting a Pulitzer for "Bobby Carapisi" because I wound up doing such a brilliant job of telling a story that no one wants told, and did it through three completely different voices. Never say I can't be grandiose.

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