Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cat fur envelopes me

The two longhairs at my work have decided I'm their new best friend since I took time on my Saturday to come feed them. For about ten minutes they sat flanking my keyboards, watching me and then looking around the room as if seeking out something to destroy...then watching my fingers work the keyboard. I felt a bit Egyptian, with my guard cats maintaining control of the perimeter.

The owners of the company are in Florida for a conference and I took cat duty one weekend day. What's interesting is, I thought I was very allergic to cats. The last few times I'd been around them, my nose would go nuts and on one occasion one of my eyes swelled shut from the dander -- I thought. But I haven't really had trouble with these two...and I got white hairs all over my maroon shirt. Note to self -- wear light colors more often.

RIHC6v2...I now dream about it. Did so last night, wondering why Antony and Jake don't have a dog. Dunno where that came from, but Jake would love one. Antony's more of a cat person...even though he refers to his inner creature as a hound. I think he'd want a tough old tom cat adopted straight out of an alley. Jake would have an Irish Setter named Kells.

Or maybe I've got it backwards. I have no idea. Right now these two are so real to me, it's spooky. I can actually see a series of books about the lives and adventures of Antony and Jake, with their new pack-mate, Matt, popping in once in a while to stir things up.

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