Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I just sent RIHC6v2 off to the publisher. I've done rewrites and polishes and spell-checks and scans for formats...and I know when I get the PDF to proof, I'll find more. I'm bad with typos. But this is the first step on setting Antony (top) and Jake (below) out into the real world. They're big boys now; they can handle it...I just don't know if I can, and I know this is their second foray into publication, but still...I seriously feel like a parent seeing his children off into the cold cruel world. I'd keep them home and protect them the rest of my life, probably, but what good would that do? And seeing as how ill-served my scripts have been by my protectiveness, I'd be a fool to continue it.

So...eventually I'll have my sixth book (and seventh work) available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel and around the world. And it has yet to feel like it's real. HTRASG is continues to be my best-seller, but it seems "Bobby Carapisi" is doing well, too, since it's more mainstream than anything else I've written. PM and RIHC6v1 just bounce up and down the scale.

So now comes my traditional celebration dinner. I had a pretty good fish dinner at a restaurant in this shopping mall, back when I first got here. Maybe I'll go there. Naw -- I feel like a steak. I wonder where I can get a good one in Buffalo without spending a hundred bucks? Maybe I'll drive up to Toronto; they have a Ruth's Chris and I have a gift card. Hmm.......

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