Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Just when I think I got a clue...

Technology springs up to remind me of just how dumb I am. I made the mistake of trying to download an image onto a PC, yesterday, and can't find where the hell it was stored. Unnlike my Macs, who make it EASY to locate downloads because they actually HAVE a Download folder that things go into and actuall ASK you if you want it to go there, PCs just do it then laugh at you as you search and search and search for some way to actually SEARCH for the download.

Now I'm sure PC freaks are rolling in the aisles laughing because they know how to do it, but anybody who tells you the damn things are easy to use is fooling him or herself. There was an old saying that to use a PC you had to know some programming; it's still true.

To top if off, my AT&T account expired before I could set up a replacement service here, so now I can't access WiFi on my laptop. My SBCGlobal page is still up, as is my account, but the only way I can get to them right now is by using this vile PC at work. Same for my blog. ARRRGGGHHHHH!

I took my frustrations out by working on RIHC6v2's second part and calmed some of Antony's attitudes down, a little...and by doing so had an idea on how to deepen it, a bit. Something that's necessary to keep Jake from turning into a stock character in this book. The understanding boyfriend who's always there with his support (albeit with a typical Jake snap to it). Still...the hell with that -- I can't diss Jake that way. He's too important to the story.

I'm getting this polish done, this weekend...even WITH the stupid Spring forward crap. I hate and despise Daylight Savings Time...but it's probably because I'm a night person, not a morning one. Which will come in handy. I may wind up going to NYC to pull an all-nighter after the NY Book Fair. That'll be my second one this year -- after tens years of not doing them. But I want to get past this stage since it's solidifying the story, then go over part 2, again...and maybe again, to make it as neat as the first part. Anal? Naw...

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